Entertainment Weekly Mentions NPW & Paula!

It's the Year of the Pan!

With 3 films, one live televised musical, 2 tv shows & season 2 of The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy, prepare for a lot of pixie dust! 

To do so, Entertainment Weekly ranked some of the people who've played peter pan over the years and the NPW team was BLOWN AWAY to not only be included, but to be ranked at #7! Go Kyle Walters! And Paula was the only Wendy mentioned in the article (*mega blush*) that says: 

"Walters is a puppyish, pushing-30 Peter in this webseries, a modern reimagination told via vlog that transports the story's action to the fictional town of Neverland, Ohio. The actor, who doubles as the series' co-creator, is appealing as a manchild who somehow doesn't inspire eye-rolls—though Paula Rhodes' charming Wendy is the show's real draw."