The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy

Walters is a puppyish, pushing-30 Peter in this webseries, a modern reimagination told via vlog that transports the story’s action to the fictional town of Neverland, Ohio. The actor, who doubles as the series’ co-creator, is appealing as a manchild who somehow doesn’t inspire eye-rolls—though Paula Rhodes’ charming Wendy is the show’s real draw.
— Hillary Busis, Entertainment Weekly
Paula Rhodes, who plays Wendy, is an experienced actress with multiple film and transmedia projects under her belt, and she brings a grounded, charming warmth to Wendy that anchors the series.
— Claire Hellar,


 Shuffle Clips

Speaking of Grace, Paula Rhodes is simply extraordinary as the angelic young woman, who when she pledges her lifetime’s love and devotion, you absolutely believe it.


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