April's Nobody's Fool - She Means Business ;)

Whew! Just got back from Wondercon where Wendy Pini, Stephanie Thorpe and Paula had a fun (and packed!) ElfQuest panel in one of the bigger rooms and tons of fun meetings :) 

To top off the weekend, last night the zombietastic series 8:13 that Paula was in won Best Ensemble, Best VFX, and Best Producing at LAWeb Fest! 
As if that wouldn't be tough to beat on it's own, Paula is also looking forward to the opening of Neverwhere this next weekend (Opening Night is sold out and tix are going quickly YAY!). It runs every Fri/Sat/Sun thru at least May 11th. AND the author (one of her all time favorites who also happens to have a new show in the pipes at HBO - American Gods) Neil Gaiman replied to her tweet and it looks like he may come see it (*Fan Girl Faint*) :)