2013 in Full Swing!

Such a stellar start to the year! Paula was announced as one of the 9 finalists for the coveted role of Cadet Bradbury in the Space Command films (a project she's been dreaming about for the last 7 months)! She's honored to have made it this far among the other talented actors and looks forward to showing the SC team what she can bring to the role at the callback (she'd make a decidedly more Kaylee from Firefly than Wesley from Next Gen Cadet, but be honest - who would you rather be on a ship with ;) )! She's also been asked to play a role in a big and exciting game/film IP's web series and looks forward to announcing it when she can! ElfQuest plottings are in the works with opportunities to meet with potential team members abounding and one particular team up that's been decided on that shall be shouted from the rooftops soon. She's recording some ADR for Love in the Time of Monsters this week and can't wait to peek at that uber fun film. Later this month she'll be picking up the award for Best Directing in a Web Series along with Stephanie Thorpe at the IFQ Awards show and will be back in the booth recording more episodes of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (over 100 million hits on season 1 and they're recording season 3 now!). Sleep is for cats!